Find Your Glow With Ayurvedic Skincare

Find Your Glow With Ayurvedic Skincare

Your skin offers you knowledge on your overall health, shedding light on deeper imbalances within. Ayurveda understands that skin conditions may seem superficial at first glance, but in reality they are the reflections of our lifestyle, diet, and overall health. For this reason, an Ayurvedic skincare routine aims to identify and treat the underlying causes of skin conditions. An Ayurvedic skincare routine focuses on balancing the body and supporting the digestive system while treating an individual according to their specific dosha. Although this approach may take some time, you will notice a glow like no other.

What contributes to skin conditions?

1. The digestive system.
2. The blood.
3. The liver.
4. Dosha imbalances.
5. Emotional imbalances.
6. Seasonal changes.
The most important concept to remember is that most skin issues are not simply “skin-deep”, but instead originate deep within digestive imbalances, organ weakness, or excess heat and toxins in our blood.

What is Your Dosha Skin Type?


When creating your Ayurvedic skin care routine it is crucial to know your dosha and what kind of imbalance you may be experiencing.


A Vata imbalance increases dryness in the body, resulting in an overproduction of oil, clogged skin, and the production of blackheads.
A Pitta imbalance increases heat in the body, resulting in inflammation, the accumulation of toxins, and red, painful pimples.
A Kapha imbalance increases moisture in the body, resulting in cystic acne. 

Small, gradual adjustments in your daily life can make you happier, healthier, and more beautiful, on the inside and out. 

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