Our Story

The Veda Warrior Mission

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, Veda means knowledge. At Veda Warrior, we view ourselves as peaceful warriors of knowledge.

Our goal is to empower you with ancient healing wisdom that has worked for thousands of years, so that you can make smart, proactive choices to optimize your daily health and happiness.

We invite you to join us on this journey of seeking knowledge so that you can optimize your mind, body and intuition to feel as happy and healthy as humanly possible.

Why We Exist

After nearly a decade of life as a stressed-out New Yorker, I realized that my fast-paced lifestyle was simply unsustainable in the long run—-the human body just wasn’t designed to feel stressed all the time. When my chronic stress left me searching for answers on how to live a happier and healthier life, I returned to my roots.


As an Indian American, I was raised with the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda, the world’s oldest medical science. Ayurveda and yoga both come from a set of four ancient texts known as the Vedas, dating back over 5,000 years. For thousands of years, my family has been part of the Brahmin caste, a group of people tasked with studying and teaching the ancient knowledge of the Vedas—-generation after generation. My last name, Choubey, literally translates to “the four Vedas.”


When I reexamined Ayurvedic principles as an adult to help my mind and body recover from years of feeling consistently stressed out, I realized that my ancient ancestors had compiled an encyclopedic amount of information on how to optimize our daily health—-information that continues to hold true today. In fact, throughout the globe ancient healing traditions had guided humanity for thousands of years, until this knowledge was largely forgotten to make way for modern day pharmaceuticals.


In Ayurvedic tradition, hemp is a sacred plant medicine. From relieving stress and creating balance to enhancing yoga and meditation practices, it has played a major role in traditional healing wisdom for thousands of years. Veda Warrior was founded to revive this ancient art of healing with hemp in order to optimize our modern lifestyles.


–Smrita Choubey, Founder & CEO

Our Values

As a company, we have audacious goals, but we also live in the real world. Our goal is to combine the best knowledge on mind-body wellness that currently exists today—both ancient and modern—to create practical and sustainable solutions to improve people’s daily lives.
We are part of a new class of entrepreneurs who feel morally obligated to help not just ourselves and our customers, but also our Planet. We support regenerative farming practices that help mitigate the effects of climate change. In light of the recent devastating fires in the Amazon Rainforest, we are proud to donate a percentage of each order to the Rainforest Action Network.
We are a team of passionate, hard-working individuals who are here to help humanity be as happy and healthy as possible. We value working and partnering with fellow warriors who are on a mission to improve the world.

Join Our Ambassador Program

We are on a mission to democratize the ancient healing knowledge of Ayurveda and are looking for passionate partners to help us spread our message. Because of the long-standing ancient connection between cannabis, yoga and meditation, we are especially interested in speaking to you if you are a yoga or meditation teacher.
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