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From Ayurvedic practitioners to meditation instructors, we have assembled a team of talented mental health experts to help you stay calm and focused during these unprecedented times.


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Our Experts

Our rockstar team of Certified Practitioners is here to help you develop a truly personalized stress management routine focused on holistic tools such as plant-based medicine, diet, exercise, meditation and healthy lifestyle. 

Dr. Jaya Daptardar

Meet Dr. Jaya, a Board Certified Alternative Medicine practitioner with over 20 years of experience with Ayurvedic mental health. 

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Dr. Caroline Hartridge

Meet Dr. Caroline, a specialist in plant-based nutrition. Talk to Dr. Caroline about which foods would be optimal to enhance your mental health.

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Tracy Adkins

Meet Tracy, a Board Certified Ayurveda practitioner and published author. An expert with 20 years of experience, Tracy's specialties are holistic mental health and skincare.

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Ashley Silver

Meet Ashley, a Columbia-educated meditation & movement expert. Talk to Ashley about developing a daily routine that sets you up for success.

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Mental health that's personalized to you.

Our goal is to support your mental health by recommending the products and experts that are best tailored to your unique experience with chronic stress.