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Stress Relief & Brain Support, Optimized for the Vata Body Type

Veda Warrior’s Vata Focus & Balance Capsules are made with some of the most powerful superplants on Planet Earth, formulated using deep knowledge of botany and human biology from the 5,000 year old philosophy of Ayurveda—the world’s oldest medical science. Our personalized formulas are optimized for the Vata mind-body type based on ancient Ayurvedic principles to promote faster and more effective stress relief.

Our formula was created by our team of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners and PhD chemists with over 20 years of experience in the formulation of Ayurvedic medicines and softgels. Our products were manufactured in a state-of-the-art, FDA-compliant facility using premium hemp grown in the Hudson Valley.


  1. 30 Focus & Balance CBD capsules (Vata-optimized formula)
  2. 10mg CBD, 0% THC per capsule (certified by third-party lab testing facility)
  3. 10 plant-based ingredients
  4. Vegan softgel for faster absorption than hard capsules
  5. Small batch formulation
  6. FREE personalized 360° holistic stress relief profile, tailored to you based on your quiz results

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Our Ingredients

We have carefully selected the ingredients for our Focus & Balance formulas based on rigorous research of ancient and medieval Ayurvedic texts. These superplants are blended together in proprietary formulas using different amounts of each ingredient depending on your body type. This approach helps us create the optimal formula to maximize the stress-relieving efficiency of each capsule.

Name Scientific Name Ayurvedic Name Origin Benefits*

Organic hemp (flower)

Cannabis sativa


Hudson, NY

Supports stress relief, promotes calm and relaxation, reduces stress-related inflammation*

Turmeric (root)

Curcuma longa


Andhra Pradesh, India

Helps reverse cell damage from chronic stress, reduces stress-related inflammation*

Ashwagandha (root)

Withania somnifera


Andhra Pradesh, India

Relieves stress and anxiety, reduces symptoms of depression*

Saffron (stigma)

Crocus sativus


Himachal Pradesh, India

Relieves anxiety and depression*

Bacopa (whole plant)

Bacopa monnieri


Bihar, India

Relieves stress and anxiety, boosts brain cognitive function*

Celastrus (seeds)

Celastrus paniculatus


Punjab, India

Known as the “intellect herb,” enhances brain cognitive function, improves memory*

Tinospora cordifolia


Karnataka, India

Promotes detoxification, rejuvenation and boosts immunity*

Licorice (root)

Glycyrrhiza glabra


Andhra Pradesh, India

Relieves inflammation*

Fennel (seeds)

Foeniculum vulgare


Karnataka, India

Promotes mental alertness and rejuvenation*

Black pepper (seeds)

Piper nigrum


Kerala, India

Helps activate turmeric*

Other ingredients: sunflower seed extract, palm leaf extract, coconut oil extract, vegan softgel.
Questions? We’re here to help! Reach out to us at We will respond within 24 hours. Certificate of Analysis available upon request.


How Much to Take and When

Our Focus & Balance Capsules will have dosage recommendations, including how many capsules to take and at what time of the day, printed on the label based on your quiz results. Our recommendations are crafted by our resident Head of Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic practitioner with over 15 years of experience who has helped hundreds of patients manage their health with the ancient plant wisdom of Ayurveda.

The dosage recommendations are based on your gender, height, weight and body type.*

Note: If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician prior to taking this product.

Questions? We’re here to help! Reach out to us at We will respond within 24 hours. Certificate of Analysis available upon request.


What Am I Supposed to Feel?

Our product uses organic hemp oil with 10mg CBD and 0% THC, meaning that it is a non-psychoactive formula and you will not feel a high of any kind.

After taking this product people generally feel calmer, more focused and have greater mental clarity. In the ancient Ayurvedic context, similar herbal blends were used to enhance meditation and yoga practices, as this medley of ingredients was said to increase intuitive abilities.*

This product was designed to enhance your daily stress relief routine. While we expect that you will see results soon after taking the product, we recommend consistent use (ideally daily) for two months to experience the full power of this product on your mind and body.

Questions? We’re here to help! Reach out to us at We will respond within 24 hours. Certificate of Analysis available upon request.
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