Hi, I'm Jaya.

Certified Ayurvedic Doctor

I'm a Board-Certified Alternative Medicine practitioner and Ayurvedic Doctor who has been using the holistic healing wisdom of Ayurveda to help individuals manage their mental health for over 20 years. I specialize in creating customized routines to help with anxiety, depression and addiction by focusing on the whole individual—not just the symptoms.

Mental Health   |   Skin   |   Pain   |   Addiction

Amravati University, India, Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery

California College of Health Sciences, Masters in Healthcare Administration

Norwalk, CT


I'm here to help you create a mental health routine that's tailored to your unique needs.

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My mental health philosophy is...

...that the fundamental principal of a life well lived is a harmonious balance of the mind, body and spirit. When our mental health is not optimal, it can create disease and discomfort in your body (and vice versa). That's why taking a personalized approach to identifying your key mental health challenges is critically important so that you do not miss out on the happiness, purpose and joy that you deserve. 


We're all feeling stressed these days. If you'd like to chat about your mental health, I'm here to help.

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Let's go deep: we'll review your stress symptoms, develop a customized routine of the top holistic practices for you and even develop a custom diet plan to help you achieve radiant mental health.


Here are a few books I've written, so you can learn more about my wellness philosophy.

Ayurveda's Wisdom for Management of Pain and Addiction

Explore unique Ayurvedic model for unlimited possibilities of the healing pain and addiction. Ayurveda's mind, body approach provides transformational healing possibilities within the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of individuals to find the path to heal and recover.


Be Beautiful Inside Out

Your inner confidence, Intelligence and kindness, when they are balanced, make you the world’s most beautiful person. Your health and intelligence reflect on your outer appearance and attitude. This book reveals the secrets of ancient Ayurvedic therapies, rituals, and eating habits to maintain your beauty inside out.


Aging Gracefully

Embrace aging as a natural part of life with a healthy mental attitude and then focus on slowing down the rate of physical decline. Proper diet and the right lifestyle with yoga, meditation, moderate exercise and good sleep in your 30's helps you age gracefully


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