Plant-based stress relief,
personalized to your body type.

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Do What the Ancients Did.

Ancient formulas for CBD stress relief in a modern vegan capsule.


Planet Earth's most powerful stress relieving superplants, optimized for your body type.

Everyone experiences
stress differently.

Find out the most effective stress relief practices for your body type.

Introducing a CBD capsule for stress relief that's personalized to your body type

personalized stress relief

Ancient CBD formula, modern vegan capsule

Everyone experiences stress differently. That's why we compiled the best available knowledge on stress--both ancient and modern--to create a stress relief product that was designed for you, not everyone else. 

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Bringing one of the world's oldest stress relief rituals to your modern way of life.

Across all civilizations, cannabis was widely used in the ancient world as part of a stress relief ritual. Our mission is help you manage the ever-present stresses of our fast-paced modern lives with the 5,000-year-old medical science of Ayurveda, which considers cannabis to be one of the five most important plants on Earth.

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The ancient ritual of stress relief


Our Values

Authentic Ancient Wisdom

Our products are made from classical Ayurvedic knowledge referenced from ancient and medieval documents, originally written in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Each ingredient was carefully selected based on the guidelines provided in these age-old documents. 

Personalized to You

The way you experience stress is completely unique. Your stress relief ritual should uniqely fit your needs. Our products are personalized to your Ayurvedic body type, which is your metabolic blueprint.

100% Vegan Ingredients

Each stress-relief capsule is made with 10 of the most powerful superplants on Planet Earth, including CBD hemp, turmeric, ashwagandha and bacopa monnieri. Delivered in a convenient vegan capsule. 

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