The first CBD capsule
personalized to you.

A stress relief solution designed for you, not everyone else.

Ancient Knowledge
+ Modern Science

Thousands of years of CBD knowledge delivered in a vegan capsule.
for the First time in modern history

Planet Earth's most
powerful superplants.

Ancient CBD blend of 10 of the world's most effective medicinal plants.

Optimize yourself.

Everyone experiences stress differently. Get a solution that's designed for your body type.

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Introducing America's first personalized CBD capsule.

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Stress is one of the leading causes of disease in our country.

The human body simply wasn't designed to endure the levels of stress caused by our fast-paced modern lives. Scientists have now clinically proven that consistently feeling stressed over long periods of time can cause a number of diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and depression, among others. 

stress relief that works
We combine ancient knowledge with modern science to create simple, healthy stress-relief solutions.
Our goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to reapply knowledge that has guided humanity for thousands of years. Modern science now tells us that the ancients had it right all along.
what does ancient knowledge say about you?


Reviving the ancient ritual of stress relief.

Cannabis is not a new phenomenon. For thousands of years, the ancients used CBD-rich hemp in a holistic ritual of stress-free living.

For the first time in modern history, bringing you an ancient CBD formula in a modern vegan capsule. 

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How it works:

5 minutes of your time will unlock a FREE personalized stress-relief game plan designed for your body type, tailored to you based on time-tested ancient knowledge applied to your quiz responses.

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stress quiz

Our 5-minute stress quiz allows us to understand your stress symptoms and body type so that we can create a custom stress relief game plan for you.


Get a FREE personalized holistic stress relief profile

Immediately unlock information on your Ayurvedic body type and how you can most effectively cope with the long-term effects of stress on your mind and body.


Get your personalized CBD capsules for stress relief

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plant revolution

One vegan capsule, ten superplant ingredients.

Our plant-based ingredients represent some of the most effective medicinal plants on Planet Earth. Sustainably grown and pesticide-free. 

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What makes us unique:

Ancient CBD

CBD-rich hemp has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Our goal is to simplify and democratize this ancient knowledge to optimize our modern way of life.

Vegan Formulas

We create custom stress-relief formulas for your body type based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda. Made with 10 powerful plant-based ingredients.

Personalized Holistic Stress-Relief Toolkit

We believe that a 360° approach to stress is the most effective one. Our products include a FREE personalized stress-relief game plan with holistic tools to truly optimize your daily mind-body health.

stress relief game plan

A 360° holistic stress-relief toolkit, personalized to you.

Take our 5-minute stress quiz and discover a holistic set of stress relief tools optimized for your body type: 

- Personalized CBD capsules

- Personalized diet tips

- Personalized yoga poses

- Personalized meditation techniques

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knowledge is power

Our goal is to revolutionize the way you manage stress.

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you are unique

Everyone reacts differently to stress.

We use a combination of ancient and modern science to develop a stress relief solution that's customized to you, not built for the masses.

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the sister science of yoga

Ayurveda: the science of life.

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Made with Earth's most powerful stress-relieving herbs.

One vegan capsule, ten superplant ingredients. Our personalized stress relief capsules are made from premium, sustainably grown ingredients sourced from all over the planet. 

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