Regenerative wellness that activates your inner warrior.

Our goal is to help you achieve radically radiant mental health through powerful medicinal plants, 1:1 expert coaching and holistic wisdom that’s survived through the ages.


/ vay⋅dah / Sanskrit, noun /

Cosmic science.


/ war⋅ē⋅ɘr / Old English, noun /

One who is brave and strong.

Our Story

We've spent years operating within the sectors of mainstream healthcare, Ayurveda, finance, and agriculture...and witnessed firsthand the systemic health problems that society faces today through thousands of hours of research.

Our healthcare system has reached a point where disease has become more profitable than health. Every year Americans pay more and more for healthcare, while pain, disease, depression and addiction continue to rise. It’s not hard to see that whatever we’re doing, it’s just not working.

The Veda Warrior mission is to help humanity come back to its senses, and take back its power. We believe that it is time to reclaim the healing wisdom our ancestors once knew, and experience the future of radical health, thousands of years in the making.

The Problem

We are facing a paradigm shift. More and more people simply don’t trust pharmaceutical companies. Despite all the advances in modern medicine, 87% of deaths stem from chronic diseases that are preventable with the right lifestyle choices.

The Call

We believe that in order for humanity to regain control of its health and avoid modern society’s runaway train of stress, disease & addiction, we need to weave ourselves back into alignment with Nature.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in Ayurveda, the world’s oldest system of personalized medicine, which uses detailed knowledge of quantum physics, biology, chemistry and botany to guide us towards radiating radically good health.

We are part of a new class of entrepreneurs & dreamers working to modernize time-tested practices that heal both People and Planet.

Smrita Choubey - Co-Founder & CEO

Smrita comes from a lineage of farmers & medicine makers who have grown medicinal herbs in Northern India since 1881. After starting her career on Wall Street in healthcare investment banking, she did the math and concluded that the healthcare system was set up to generate wealth for shareholders, not health for the people. She knew the preventative, all-natural, holistic medicine of Ayurveda was the answer, and started the Veda mission to modernize and democratize its timeless wisdom.

Jaya Daptardar - Head of Formulation

Jaya is a Board-Certified Alternative Medicine practitioner and Ayurvedic doctor. She has used the healing wisdom of Ayurveda to help individuals manage mental health and addiction for over 20 years. Jaya got her Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery from Amravati University in India, and her Masters in Healthcare Administration from the California College of Health Sciences.

We believe in regenerative wellness that revitalizes both humans and Planet Earth.

We donate 1% of all profits to 1% For The Planet, a non-profit organization that supports planetary wellness.


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