About Us


Americans are more stressed now than during any other time in modern history, with 75% of adults reporting feeling stressed on a regular basis.

The human body was simply not designed to feel stressed all the time. Scientists have now proven that feeling stressed over long periods of time has severe health consequences, including heart disease, depression, digestive disorders, diabetes, respiratory diseases and acne—among many other issues.

After nearly a decade of living a chaotic lifestyle working in finance in New York City, I wanted a natural, healthy way to combat the harmful long-term effects of stress on my body.

My goal was to find the most powerful stress-relieving plants on Planet Earth. To do this, I turned to the ancient healing wisdom of my Indian ancestors. Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old medical science still used by over a billion people today, uses 700+ medicinal plants to heal nearly 11,000 health conditions. Ayurveda and yoga originate from the same four ancient documents, known as the Vedas. Since my last name literally translates to “The Four Vedas,” a strong belief in the power of this ancient knowledge was instilled in me from childhood.

After researching ancient and medieval Ayurvedic texts with the help of a team of doctors and historians, I discovered that cannabis was widely used in the ancient world as part of a stress relief ritual. What’s more, authentic Ayurvedic stress relief blends were made by mixing cannabis with several other medicinal herbs. And these formulas could be personalized to optimize for each unique body type.

Veda Warrior was founded with the goal of delivering this ancient wisdom to Americans in a modern format. Formulated by doctors, using premium ingredients, delivered in a convenient vegan softgel and third-party lab tested for quality.

Our sincere hope is that this product, as part of a broader holistic stress-relief routine, will help you live a much more balanced, stress-free life.

—Smrita Choubey, Founder & CEO