The Veda Warrior Mission

Ayurveda, the art and science of self-healing is a living, breathing intelligence that invokes every element of your humanness.

Ancient civilizations around the world lived the wisdoms that have always been —and always will be—true about how to create harmony in the body, mind and that you can do what you came to this earth to do.

But somewhere along the way, this knowledge got lost.

Systematically dismantled, rather. Entire texts and histories, removed. Millions of Americans more stressed and less connected than ever.

Fast backward to modern times: a health system set up to profit from illness, obsessed with symptoms and synthetic quick fixes.

Meanwhile, everyday a new scientific breakthrough proves what the ancients always knew:

Plants are medicine.
Humans are whole beings.

Everything’s connected.

Come to your senses.
Take back the power.
Tune into (your) nature,
and experience the future of radical health
thousands of years in the making.