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Helena McCoy - Feb 10, 2021

Ayurvedic Tips for Enjoying Spring

Spring is a magical season full of dynamic and powerful changes. The earth warms, new growth blossoms, and all living creatures reach for the sun. Nature gracefully makes its transition, however, for us it may not be so easy.

Ayurveda teaches us that to be able to transition between seasons, we must harmonize with the rhythm of Nature. By incorporating some of these simple Ayurvedic principles in your life, you can dance effortlessly into Spring with radiant mind-body balance.

Spring is the season of Kapha, the energy that endows your body with lubrication and stability. When kapha is in balance you experience strength and stability but when unbalanced feelings of lethargy and depression may arise. You may also experience the physical symptoms of excess phlegm, weight gain, and an overall feeling of heaviness. Over winter it is easy for kapha to accumulate in the body and lead to diseases once it begins to warm up. In order to release excess Kapha, one must make multidimensional changes to bring more lightness and heat into physical, mental, and emotional spaces.

Wake up your body.

You may be tempted to hit “snooze” on your alarm clock and fall back asleep, but waking up early and getting started on your day is a great way to take advantage of the powerful energy in the morning and reduce excess kapha.

Try waking up between 6 - 7am, and instead of hugging your pillow closer, get up and engage in a movement practice. Whether it is walking outside, practicing yoga, or dancing with the sunrise, a movement practice in the morning can improve your day and overall mood.

Flush out toxins through your diet.

It can be hard to change our dietary habits, but Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of transitional energy to cultivate healthy eating practices.

Support your digestive fire (agni) by having routine meals with adequate time between eating. Incorporate light and easy-to-digest foods and avoid dairy products, cold food and drinks, and fried/oily foods.

Drink chamomile tea at night to support digestive and circulatory systems as well as reduce excess mucus in the body.

Find time to honor Nature.

Get inspired by the renewal and transformation around you. Cultivate a connection to the natural process of rebirth through small rituals that honor and appreciate Nature.

Incorporate Sun Salutations into your practice, go outside to observe the beauty of nature, or create a candle-lighting ritual to bring light and warmth into your life.

The power of plant-based medicine.

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