Importance of an Evening Routine

In order to maintain a mind-body balance and protect ourselves from disease, we must follow a daily routine. Ayurveda stresses the importance of living in sync with the rhythms of nature, and a daily routine helps us cultivate that harmony from the inside out. These days, we are out-of-touch with our natural rhythms due to late work hours, excessive use of electronic devices, and social evenings. Most of us feel tired constantly, yet are unable to find deep rest at night.

Restful sleep offers our body the opportunity to decompress and detoxify. Our organs sort out what we need vs. what we do not, preparing for their elimination in the morning. Therefore, getting good sleep is crucial for how we feel the next day and our overall health. 

An Ayurvedic evening routine aims to nourish the body and settle the mind. Here are some tips to begin a wind-down process as soon as you return home.



Dinner time. 

The fresher the meal, the better. When you can manage the quality of the ingredients and energy going into the meal, you provide your body with the nourishment it needs. Choose something light, like soup, steamed veggies, or a small bowl of grains. Make sure your dinner is lighter than your lunch and have it at least three hours before bed. 


Quiet your environment. 

When the sun sets, dim the lights and turn off the screens. Spend quiet time with your family, read, tidy the space, and create a serene environment. Take this moment to do some light yoga or meditation. 


Soothe your body. 

Take a warm bath with essential oils and epsom salts. Massage your feet with warm sesame, castor, or coconut oil. Giving special attention to your body like this relaxes your nervous system. 


Support your relaxation.

Many times we can find it hard to relax, even after a warm bath. Chamomile and Tulsi tea will help you further relax, and if you need something stronger - try a cup of warm milk (or alternative milk) with cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ashwagandha, and coconut oil. 



Try to get in bed before 10pm, before your body catches a second wind and becomes revitalized. Take deep inhales and exhales to release any remaining energy and if nagging thoughts keep you up, kindly remind yourself that this is your time to rest, not overthink. Sleep for 7-8 hours if possible. 



Sleep is so important for our overall health and can be hard to get if we feel restless and stressed. Try our Focus + Balance capsules, that contain 10 intellect herbs and adaptogens that help balance the mind and body while supporting your natural sleep cycles.