The Benefits of Health + Wellness Coaching

We reach a point where we cultivate goals in order to live a healthier and more balanced life. Whether it's staying consistent with a movement practice, making dietary changes, or reducing overall stress, we naturally want to live better and feel happier. However, sometimes these goals can feel overwhelming or unreachable without the right guidance and support.

That is where wellness coaching helps. Wellness coaches assist an individual in identifying and implementing personalized changes to attain their unique goals. 



What is wellness coaching?

Wellness coaching is similar to traditional talk therapy, where a wellness coach will have you discuss your ideas and issues. However, unlike therapy, you are the one in control of creating goals and strategies to reach them. Your coach supports you in cultivating this individualized approach based on your unique lifestyle and personality.

While a wellness coach offers guidance and support, it is up to you to make those changes. Sustained change can only come from a place of dedication and commitment. A wellness coach will help you achieve lasting lifestyle changes by empowering you with the knowledge that you already possess the skills and resources to achieve your goals. 



Benefits of wellness coaching:


A clear plan of action, personalized to your unique needs. 

There’s a lot of solutions in the world, yet most appear very general. Exercise more? What kind of exercise? How much is “more”? If you’re feeling overwhelmed with not knowing specifically what you need, a wellness coach is a great solution. They can help you create a wellness plan specific to you and your unique goals. With a personalized and specific plan in place, it becomes easier to succeed.


Emotional support.

Making changes in your life is not always easy. There will be many moments where you feel stagnant or down. A wellness coach can help support you emotionally when you are struggling and keep you focused on why you’ve decided to make these changes for yourself.  


Focuses on you. 

We live in a world where our attention is constantly being pulled in many directions. Usually we spend so much time tending to our relationships and work life that we forget to look inward. By deciding to meet with a wellness coach, you are focusing on the most important person in your life, you. 


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