Using Our Gifts for Collective Healing

In Ayurveda, disease occurs when our psychological and physiological systems are out of balance.

We can see this concept reflected in America today. The issues that have plagued our country for decades have shifted the universal energy to a place of imbalance.

Just as we naturally strive to maintain homeostasis in our mind and body, America is beginning to strive for that same balance through the demand of reform in the justice system.


How can we contribute to the healing of our society?

By knowing our strengths and what we need to stay focused and motivated, we can lend our powerful energy towards collective healing.



Vata, the creative visionary.


Vata governs movement. You have the power to connect to the ether and develop cosmic consciousness. You will be the one to create the change you want to see.


You are connected. 

  • Gather your friends to chat. Share ideas, feelings, and knowledge. 
  • Organize an online community of support and love. 
  • Share your ideas through writing, art, and music with your community. 


You are creative. 

  • Use your creativity to create art supporting the movement. 
  • Write letters to representatives and share your words with those who may not know where to start. 
  • Write a blog or record a podcast to uplift the voices of BIPOC activists. 



Pitta, the fearless leader.


Pitta governs transformation. You have the power to connect to your fire and destroy old constructs that hold society back. 


You are transformative.

  • Call, write, and email your representatives in Congress and demand justice. 
  • Take time to enroll in educational courses on anti-racism. There are so many resources out there, utilize them. 
  • Hold love in your heart, even when you feel rage. Let your conversations with others be truthful as well as loving.


You are inspirational. 

  • Go to marches and other demonstrations. We need your voice. 
  • Live as an example by sharing your passions fearlessly and educating your community. 
  • Be a strong ally and show your community that it is ok to stand up for what you believe in.



Kapha, the grounded ally. 


Kapha governs stability. You have the power to connect with empathy and offer love and support to those around you. 


You are empathetic. 

  • Volunteer at local organizations. Your loving time will go a long way. 
  • Tend to the emotional and physical pain of those around you. Pick up those who have fallen.
  • Make sure to talk to a professional or journal about how you are feeling. You won’t be able to help others unless you first help yourself.


You are organized. 

  • Organize fundraisers to support causes you believe in. 
  • Use your networking skills to make connections with BIPOC activists and organizations and then share them with your community.
  • Go to protests with supplies, whether its first aid kits, water, or masks.